E n g l i s h   N a t i v e   S p e a k e r   D a y s

(2a / 4. - 6. 5. 2015)


T h e   a i m s   o f   t h i s   p r o g r a m m e   a r e :

  • Strengthening of communicative skills (listening, understanding and speaking)

  • Developing a language-friendly classroom atmosphere

  • On-the-spot in-service language experience for teachers


I m p l e m e n t a t i o n :

Year 2 secondary modern school pupils participated in a three days long project with mobile Native Speaker Teachers HARRY from Chicago, USA, and CELIA from Manchester, GB. The pupils were given the opportunity to use their language skills in real-life situations, and to experience the language and culture of English-speaking countries.

An important factor in this project is, that the language is learnt in context, and as far as possible, in real-life situations with regard to pronunciation, intonation and speech rhythm and of course combined with a lot of fun!




E. Kaufmann